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About Us
Amber Joy taste testing vanilla. I think she approves.
Amber Joy taste testing vanilla. I think she approves.

Well, technically there is no “us” in City Scoops unless you include my resident pup-in-charge and vanilla ice cream taste tester, Amber Joy — my sweet (and stubborn) “ridgeless” Rhodesian Ridgeback.

My name is Stephani McIntyre, a lifetime ice cream lover, budding entrepreneur, Army veteran and lover of my South Side neighborhood. The idea for City Scoops came to me on a typical Summer walk through my South Side neighborhood. It was such a beautiful evening and there was really only one thing that could have made it even better – a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream (my fav).

Sadly there is no place to get traditional hand dip ice cream and that’s when I decided I wanted to sell ice cream. I teamed up with the incredible folks at Johnson’s Real Ice Cream to bring their flavors along for the ride in my mobile ice cream cart. You can find me at small, one-day events throughout the Spring, Summer and early Fall months. Or catering small to medium sized events of any kind!

If you’re interested in inviting me to your event whether to vend or you’re in need of catering, CLICK HERE to tell me more about it. Or you can contact me at the email and phone number below.

Contact information

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  • Phone: (614) 499-3591
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